Revolutionize EV Charging: Join C+Charge’s Presale and Make a Difference!

• C+Charge is a crypto project that aims to provide a more sustainable and rewarding future for electric vehicles (EVs).
• The current EV system is plagued with issues like lack of transparency, lack of uniformity, and lack of rewards.
• C+Charge is addressing these issues by creating an ecosystem that makes the EV system more transparent, introduces a uniform P2P payment system, and makes owning an EV more rewarding.

The Challenge of EVs

The current electric vehicle (EV) market faces various challenges in terms of transparency, uniformity and rewards. With no way to know what their charging costs will be prior to arriving at the station, users are often surprised by high prices. Furthermore, there is no consistent way to pay for charging around the world, making it difficult to charge EVs in different regions. Finally, while subsidies exist for EV owners, they aren’t especially compelling incentives when compared with the convenience and performance provided by traditional combustion-engine cars.

C+Charge Solution

C+Charge is a new crypto project aiming to revolutionize how EVs are charged. By creating a transparent ecosystem providing information on charging costs upfront as well as introducing a universal peer-to-peer payment system for easy international transactions and carbon credits as an incentive for ownership of EVs, C+Charge hopes to make EVs more attractive than ever before.


C+Charge provides users with detailed information about prices up front before they arrive at the charging station. This ensures that users can plan ahead for their journey knowing exactly how much it will cost them to charge their vehicle rather than being surprised by unexpected charges once they reach their destination.


To make paying for electricity easier around the world C+Charge has created a peer-to-peer payment system which allows anyone with internet access to carry out payments quickly and securely without having any knowledge of local currencies or exchange rates between countries. This also eliminates any cross border transaction fees associated with traditional banking systems thus making it even easier for people in different parts of the world who need access to electricity can access without any hassle or delays due to currency conversion differences..


In order to entice people into switching from traditional vehicles towards electric ones C+Charge provides carbon credits as incentives allowing users who own electric vehicles to offset some of the cost associated with running them through discounts from businesses who have partnered up with C+ Charge . These credits incentivise people into purchasing electric cars over petrol/diesel ones leading us towards greener transportation choices going forward..